Velox XR revolutionizes virtual production by making it easier, faster, and more cost-effective to bring the metaverse to life in real-time.
From scanning physical spaces to capturing live events with volumetric video, Velox XR streamlines the entire process.

Bridging the Gap Between Potential and Reality

With Velox XR, developers and content creators can effortlessly capture real-life events and create accurate digital representations of real-world locations, a crucial component in realizing the full potential of the metaverse. By using real-time scanning and integrating data into 3D and virtual production workflows, Velox XR simplifies the virtual production process.

As metaverse momentum grows, Velox promises to be a gamechanger

Dynamic 3D Videos

Velox XR introduces a cutting-edge 3D video format, based on a patented technology for real-time volumetric video in immersive applications. This allows for dynamic 3D mesh integration of individuals into any scene in Unreal Engine, providing a photorealistic and full animation experience exactly as it was filmed in real life, without the background.

Compatible Mobile App

The Velox XR iOS app works seamlessly with Apple LiDAR, allowing for real-time streaming of camera tracking, RGB and depth frames from the iPad or iPhone to Unreal Engine 5 for photorealistic 3D scene reconstruction.

Real-Time Experience

With Velox XR, physical spaces can be scanned in real-time, and live volumetric videos can be recorded and integrated into real-time rendering pipelines commonly used in gaming and virtual production workflows.

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